With a plethora of information available on how products, buildings and masterplans impact our health and well-being, many clients find it difficult to know where to start. Ekkist can carry detailed research on a specific topic or sector to inform a client’s strategy, development brief, internal knowledge or external communications around a specific theme.

Service Description

Our work in this area has included research on healthy masterplan design principles, biophilic design strategies, building design for individuals with mental health issues, and the use of healthy materials in modular construction and furniture design. We review, collate and summarise international scientific research and case studies to deliver a comprehensive overview for our clients to support their decision making.

The process starts with a ‘client goals’ workshop with key stakeholders within the organisation, followed by a detailed research review.


Ekkist can then produce a fully referenced research report in a period of 2-8 weeks, depending on the client’s requirements. This can be for internal purposes or co-branded as an external communications piece.


Past clients in this area have included Kent Wildlife Trust, Landsec, Another Country, the BRE and private clients.

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