Health and Well-being Roadmap

Yoo Capital approached Ekkist to create a health and well-being pillar for their new ESG Strategy and delivery roadmap outlining how these goals would be achieved.

“We recognise that many of the environmental, social and governance decisions we make directly impact people’s short- and long-term health and well-being. This applies for our staff, contractors, designers, and people living and working in the communities in which we operate.

Ekkist’s guidance ensured that our health and well-being measures were thoughtful, deliverable and in line with the highest industry standards. The Ekkist team are incredibly knowledgeable and understand the practicalities of delivering policy objectives in the real world”


Louise Page-Jennings, Yoo Capital

Ekkist developed a strategy in partnership with Yoo Capital that recognises these responsibilities and creates a clear action plan for delivering them at scale. The approach to health and well-being was designed to run as a continuous thread through their methodology for both the development and management of all their real estate assets.

“We have made a Day 1 commitment to taking these requirements seriously, as well as planning for their continuous improvement, and benchmarking ourselves against each of the key areas that we seek to address.

We believe that through this approach, we will create a lasting positive impact on the places and communities in which we operate, one that we can be proud of and that develops social value over time.”