Masterplan review of well-being

Tipi and Quintain have always had a strong focus on the health and well-being of the residents on their Wembley Park Estate and that of the local community. Ekkist have been working with Quintain to review the estate and select buildings within this, in relation to key physical and operational health and well-being parameters.

Our analysis found that the Wembley Park estate provided a high level well-being amenity for residents and the community through a combination of excellent connectivity to public transport and amenities, a range of fresh food outlets and a vibrant café/pop up culture, accessible design, green space and numerous pedestrian friendly measures. In addition, there is also a good mix of tenures on the estate, which has been shown in various global research to create better community cohesion and social diversity.

The Landsby building in particular scored highly in terms of well-being due to the extensive amenities on site and design of the building. There is a resident and events team on site who support the social and mental well-being of residents by organising regular community events and initiatives. The building is also pet-friendly, supporting renters who would previously have found it difficult to rent somewhere due to typical pet restrictions on rented properties. Car parking spaces have been provided for visiting friends and social spaces designed into the building layout from early stages to encourage visiting friends and a sense of community. Bills are included in the rental charge, such as utilities, broadband, and the on-site gym, which supports residents’ well-being by reducing the administrative burden and having free, easy access to fitness amenities.

From a physical perspective, there were found to be excellent level of daylight in the Landsby building (measured through Spatial Daylight Autonomy (SDA)) and preliminary air quality testing across the building found very low levels of PM2.5 and VOCs, due to the high-quality, sustainable materials used in construction, and trickle vent ventilation to all apartments.

Finally, many of the staffing and HR policies for those working on site were also aligned with global standards such as WELL, representing a cohesive approach to well-being on site, for both residents and staff.

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