Furniture design for Well-being

The Ori range is a collaboration between British furniture brand Another Country and Ekkist, demonstrating how furniture design can improve well-being, born from the two companies' shared values of beauty, functionality and sustainability.

The core guiding principle behind the collaboration was that architecture and design can be harnessed to improve our overall quality of life, health and happiness. This was based on Ekkist’s design for well-being framework and the principles of the WELL Building Standard, which focuses on human health and well-being in buildings.

The key objective was to design and manufacture a range of furniture which met the criteria of the WELL Building Standard, included biophilic design principles, natural finishes and design elements which contributes to mindfulness, through texture and craftsmanship.


The range is inspired by the design principles of the Ekkist and Studio McLeod-designed ‘Ori House‘, which is the UK’s first housing typology designed specifically to benefit the health and well-being of the its occupants.


The Ori House’s attributes therefore become a source of inspiration for Another Country and Ekkist’s joint collaboration. The range includes a bed, guest bed, wardrobe, coffee table, different size planters, and two mirror designs, as well as a set of skittles to encourage play and movement.


The Ori Mirror is hinged to allow light to reach different spaces. Image courtesy of Another Country

The pieces have flexible and multi-purpose applications, enhance natural light through light-coloured reflective materials and include biophilic design principles, using natural materials, textures and colours. Each piece is made with non-toxic, zero-VOC adhesives and finishes, and is designed to address mental as well as physical health through mindful design choices.


The result is a carefully curated collection with a balance between aesthetics and the science of well-being, which places a renewed emphasis on the materials and objects with which we surround ourselves.

The Ori Skittles encourage play and movement. Image courtesy of Another Country

The Ori Collection is available to purchase online through the Another Country website:


If you would like to know more about furniture design for well-being, we would love to hear from you.