Runners Up in the Geberit Bathroom Design Challenge by Architecture Today

“The Bathroom for Every Body” – a concept we collaborate with Architects Office S&M on in 2022 - was shortlisted in the Architecture Today x Geberit invited competition to design an inspirational and functional family bathroom measuring just six square metres.

We recognised that while the bathroom is traditionally the place in the home where we keep clean and support our personal hygiene, these rooms are often detrimental to our health due to a number of common aspects such as poor ventilation, mould growth, bright lighting, and cold floors. For this reason, we wanted to ensure well-being was at the heart of our design concept.

Working with Office S&M, we created a bathroom that promotes well-being for every member of the family through innovative and practical means. To accompany the Geberit sanitaryware, additional elements included: ⁠

– Warm circadian lighting for evening use to support healthy sleep and remove the need to use paraffin candles during a bath which release carcinogenic toxins similar to those produced by burning diesel fuel into the air⁠.
– Breathable clay plaster and air cleaning paint alongside a robust ventilation strategy to reduce mould growth and improve air quality⁠.
– Curved massaging tiles for the back and feet to support circulation and relax tired muscles and joints⁠.
– The inclusion of bathroom-friendly plants that support air quality and evoke a sense of calming nature⁠.

The design was praised “for its tactility, functional separation, and meticulous approach to designing-in well-being”


Jury comments published in Architecture Today

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