Creating the Global Benchmark for Indoor Air Quality.

Together with Metrikus, a building monitoring platform, Ekkist have launched AirRated, an independent air quality certification system.

What's your AirScore®?

Our aim is to create an internationally recognised industry standard for measuring and classifying indoor air quality across all use classes in the built environment and to support clients in indoor air quality awareness and improvement. An AirScore, awarded by AirRated, is an easily recognisable benchmark and reliable measure for Indoor Air Quality.

AirRated supports clients in promoting healthy environments by raising awareness of Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) and providing strategies for air quality improvement through detailed consultancy advice.

The AirRated AirScore® certification is underpinned by leading medical and scientific research and industry best practice guidelines.

While outdoor air quality awareness has improved greatly in recent decades, there remains a distinct lack of awareness regarding IAQ. The quality of indoor air has declined due to the increase in building air tightness for energy conservation, as well as the introduction of many new materials, and sources of indoor pollution. We spend up to 90% of our lives indoors, making the quality of indoor air a top priority as an environmental issue with far-reaching implications for human health. An AirScore provides a reliable measure for IAQ, giving an industry leading analysis of the indoor health of your building.

How The Standard Works:


The three-week AirRated environmental survey gathers information about your building’s Indoor Air Quality, using the latest high specification sensor technology.


Outdoor data from local and UK-wide in situ monitoring stations is also gathered, analysed and taken into consideration, as this heavily influences IAQ.


Once collected, our in-house environmental scientists test these data sets against the AirRated Scoring System, to generate an AirScore®.


An AirScore® is comprised of five fundamental parameters. Each metric must meet a mandatory minimum threshold requirement for 95% of survey hours, in order to pass and become Certified.

To find out more, visit the AirRated website: