Design and operations for well-being

Almacantar have registered their landmark development, The Bryanston, Hyde Park, to pursue WELL Building Standard Certification. Ekkist have been working closely with the Almacantar team to implement key design and operational features in order to support their future residents’ health and well-being.

Examples of the types of features that Almacantar will be implementing include: air filtration to deliver improved indoor air quality and help reduce potential triggers of asthma, headaches and allergies; ensuring the materials used in the building prevent excess moisture being built up or trapped inside and mitigating the risk of damp or mould; specifying materials that are natural, low in VOCs and chemicals, and are sustainable.

For example, all timber and veneers that have been used are responsibly sourced and are either FSC or PEFC certified, most of the paints are water based and low in VOCs and they have also specified flooring made from 100% recycled materials and produced via renewable electric power.

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