Interior Design for Well-being Consultancy

House of Grey contacted us with a brief to help shape the interior design of their new studio. The brand synergies were evident from the beginning, with House of Grey’s clear focus on high-quality, nurturing environments, natural materials and a calming aesthetic.

Ekkist reviewed the new space and made recommendations on materials, lighting, the location of staff desks, biophilic design principles and wellness-related studio policies, based on the WELL Building Standard™, HSE Guidelines and World Health Organisation recommendations.


The new space beautifully demonstrates how spaces can have aesthetic and mental and physical values to actively contribute to their occupants’ health and well-being.

About House of Grey

House of Grey developed their design principles based on their studio observations. We live in a world where overstimulation from the daily routine, online interactions, consumerism and a shortage of time – let alone down time, has become evidently depleting. Where the home becomes a restorative haven and the workplace can be a calming yet inspiring space for all.


To remedy this, House of Grey has reinvented the concept of the home and work environments by creating spaces that replenish your energy and engage all five senses. Where the home becomes a restorative haven and the workplace can be a calming yet inspiring space for all. Their work focuses on enhancing wellbeing as well as aesthetics; incorporating locally-sourced, high-quality, natural and sustainable materials wherever possible and designing spaces which complement people’s intuitive way of working and living, evolving with them as their needs change over time. Their focus is on creating nurturing environments which enhance wellbeing and meet the unique lifestyles and needs of clients.


To find out more about House of Grey, visit their website:

All images courtesy of Rory Gardiner; Studio/Showroom design courtesy of House of Grey

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