Ekkist shortlisted for flagship Nature & Wellbeing Centre

Sevenoaks Wildlife Reserve, Kent Photo: Courtesy of Kent Wildlife Trust

RIBA have announced that Ekkist and Studio Macleod’s design collaboration has made the shortlist for the flagship Kent Wildlife Trust Visitor Centre. The innovative design has been selected from a long-list of 248 entries with the winning design to be announced in May next year.

The following article was first published by RIBA online. You can read the full article here.

“The new centre will be the flagship visitor centre for Kent Wildlife Trust, offering key messaging around nature, health and wellbeing.”

“The competition for Kent Wildlife Trust sought registered architects and architect-led teams worldwide to put forward designs that promote learning, wellbeing, curiosity and nature. Wildlife and landscape are important – the new centre needs to have elements that can accommodate wildlife as well as people, and be a natural companion and complement to the reserve it serves.”

Sevenoaks Wildlife Reserve Site Map Photo: Courtesy of Kent Wildlife Trust
Sevenoaks Wildlife Reserve Site Photo: Courtesy of Kent Wildlife Trust

“Wherever possible it should build the connection with nature and be designed with health outcomes in mind for staff and centre-users.”

“Four teams have been selected and will now refine their design proposals and present them to the competition judging panel in April. The teams are:

ArkleBoyce Architects

Ben Adams Architects

Bilska de Beaupuy

Studio McLeod with Ekkist