Ekkist Project Longlisted for Dezeen Awards 2019

The aim was to create a healthy and nourishing workspace

We are delighted to announce that one of our projects, House of Grey Studio has been longlisted for the Dezeen Awards 2019.


House of Grey contacted us with a brief to help shape the interior design of their new studio around health and well-being principles. The brand synergies were evident from the beginning, with House of Grey’s clear focus on high-quality, nurturing environments, natural materials and a calming aesthetic.


Ekkist reviewed the new space and made recommendations on materials, lighting, the location of staff desks, biophilic design principles and wellness-related studio policies, based on the WELL Building Standard™, HSE Guidelines and World Health Organisation recommendations.


The aim was to create a healthy and nourishing workspace, which supported the well-being of the studio’s staff and clients. A core consideration was creating a holistic approach to the design process, which brought together aesthetic and environmental values with those regarding staff health and well-being.


Images courtesy of House of Grey

Innovative and beneficial


Due to constraints on existing building ventilation systems, an innovative approach was taken by using non-mechanical approaches for maintaining good indoor air quality. The aim was to support staff well-being and prevent respiratory illnesses, asthma attacks and allergies caused by poor indoor air quality by using natural, non-toxic materials and non mechanical methods of purifying indoor air. Airlite, an air quality improving paint which works by creating a photocatalytic reaction, was used on the interior walls, helping to neutralise any potentially harmful indoor chemicals. Plants were selected for the studio which have been tested by NASA to improve indoor air quality and neutralise chemicals, and non-toxic sealants and finishes were specified for the flooring and furnishings to reduce off-gassing of harmful chemicals from the fit-out.

Daylight was a key consideration for staff well-being, following guidance from the WELL Building Standard on the distance of desks from windows for optimum staff well-being and productivity and daylight requirements.


A programme of wellness-based studio events was also part of the refurbishment considerations, creating flexible spaces which are used to host yoga classes and meditation sessions for staff and clients, extending the workspace’s ability to support staff and client well-being.