We help clients wanting to assess the viability of certifying a single building or their portfolio to the Fitwel standard, and those wanting to integrate this approach into their development strategy. We advise on projects of any use class, from RIBA stages 0-7.

Service Description

Originally created by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), who remain the research partner for Fitwel, the standard allows for the certification of a wide range of use classes for new and existing buildings looking to enhance their health and well-being credentials.

Based around 7 key Health Impact Categories, Fitwel scorecards include over 50 evidence-based design and operational strategies that enhance buildings by addressing a broad range of health behaviours and risks. Fitwel addresses health as an interconnected system, with no single dominant category or area of focus, and as such all strategies are voluntary, with no individual prerequisites.

Fitwel certification can be used to:

• Signal to employees, residents, investors, and others that you prioritize wellness within the design, development, and operations of buildings and communities
• Integrate the best strategies that science has to offer to optimize health within a building or community
• Ensure that your company is leading the industry on the next frontier of sustainability and adhering to sustainable practices
• Improve the health of your employees, visitors, or residents as well as the surrounding community

Ekkist offer comprehensive advice for targeting Fitwel certification, including an initial Gap Analysis and subsequent consultancy and documentation support.

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