The Bespoke Service

Architecture for well-being can be achieved at any scale, from extensions and renovations to strategic masterplanning. Ekkist are experts at optimising well-being in buildings and can work with you to deliver the optimum solution for your project

At Ekkist, we use the WELL Building Standard as the starting point for our design for well-being bespoke consultancy service. Based on years of scientific research (view our bookshelf of collated research), the standard provides an excellent framework for the design of buildings for human health and well-being.

We can provide guidance on design for well-being, whether you wish to achieve certification or simply use the framework as the starting point for your design.


The WELL Building Standard specifies how the design and function of buildings can be optimised in order to advance human health and well-being. It covers seven core design aspects: Air, Water, Light, Nourishment, Fitness, Comfort, and Mind. It can be used in conjunction with other building standards, such as LEED and BREEAM®, due to similarities in their requirements.

We are qualified to act as the WELL Building Standard Accredited Professional (WELL AP), leading the coordinated effort on behalf of the client, to achieve WELL Building Standard certification. We act as a consultant, working alongside project architects, contractors, engineers and other technical team members to collate and submit the necessary documentation for successful WELL Building Standard accreditation.

Alternatively, we can simply help you and your project team to incorporate key elements from the standard which are suited to your goals, budget, project and approach.

Chantry Wood, Surrey. Photo: Spencer Wilton


We offer the following services to individuals seeking design for well-being services:

  • Renovation consultancy services, using Ekkist design for well-being principles and/or WELL Building Standard guidelines
  • Extension design consultancy using Ekkist design for well-being principles and/or WELL Building Standard guidelines, working with your architect or project team, including design team assembly
  • Design of ancillary buildings to your home, to promote well-being using Ekkist design principles and/or WELL Building Standard guidelines, such as swimming pools, gyms, home offices, and workshops

We also offer a tailor-made building design service, based on architectural principles to enhance health and well-being. This includes:

  • Technical drawings
  • Building specification
  • Planning submission
  • Contractor sourcing
  • Ongoing design support and project coordination
  • WELL Building Standard
  • Certification consultancy


The following services are available to developers, organisations and businesses seeking design for well-being services:

  • Strategic masterplanning advice for incorporating design for well-being principles across a range of use classes
  • Placemaking and ‘design for well-being’ consultancy
  • Technical support for WELL Building Standard certification at masterplan or individual building level, or a tailored strategy for design for well-being without certification
  • Residential layout consultancy for optimising well-being through design principles
  • Interior specifications using WELL Building Standard guidelines and/or Ekkist design principles

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